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RetroBrew Computers Board Inventory

The table below documents the approximate inventory of each board and which community members have those boards available. You may want to confirm availability and shipping costs with the order contact by email prior to sending any funds. See Contact Information Table at the end for contact email addresses

Note that these boards are being created/ordered by hobbyists and distributed to other hobbyists, without any warranty expressed or implied by the operator of the RBC wiki.

Single Board Computer Boards

Zeta SBC Project (Sergey Kiselev)

Board / Component Stock Price Order ContactNotes
Zeta SBC PCB 10 $15 Todd Goodman
Zeta SBC V2 PCB 20 $20 Todd Goodman
ParPortProp PCB 20 $20 Todd Goodman
SST39SF040 (512 KiB Flash) 5 $4 Sergey KiselevCan be preprogrammed with the firmware of your choice

Omega Home Computer Project (Sergey Kiselev)

Board / Component Stock Price Order ContactNotes
Omega Keyboard PCB Version 1.0 9 $15 Sergey Kiselev

Minimal 8085/Z80 Single Board Computer

Board / ComponentStockPriceOrder ContactNotes
MiniMax8085 PCB 12 $5 Sergey Kiselev
5 $5 USD Phillip Summers
sbc-2g-512 2 $5 USD Phillip SummersRienk Koolstra's Z80 SBC inspired by Grant Searle's 9 chip breadboard design.
3 $5 Rienk Koolstra price includes shipping

MPU302, Repurposed Soneplex SPX-MPU board for CP/M-68K

Board Stock Price Order Contact Notes
MPU3021$50Bill ShenPre-programmed and tested with CP/M 68K ver 1.3. Board ready to run.

Tiny68K, Rev2, 68000 SBC, 16 Meg Memory, CP/M 68K Ready

BoardStockPriceOrder ContactNotes
Tiny68K, rev21$50Bill ShenAssembled and tested with CP/M 68K ver 1.3. A Compact Flash card included
Tiny68k_r2 Kit0$30Bill ShenPC board with all SMT components soldered, remaining DIP components and sockets in kit form, CF card not included
Tiny68k_r2 PCB65 USDPhillip Summers


BoardStockPrice CurrencyOrder ContactNotes
Multicomp IIc 1 $5 USA Phillip Summers v1.10 boards
Muliticomp IV 0 $5 Rienk Koolstra price includes shipping – see main page

AVR Based board

BoardStockPrice CurrencyOrder ContactNotes
CP/Mega88 11 $2 Rienk Koolstra AVR implementation of Takashi Toyoshima's CP/Mega88 in SMD
price includes shipping - see main page

EuroCard ​Bus (ECB) Boards

Board / ComponentStockPrice CurrencyOrder ContactNotes
Cassette Interface 4 $15 Jordi Solis
Disk I/O V3 20 $10 Todd Goodman
5 10 USD Phil Summers
Prop I/O V2 20 $20 Wayne Warthen
4 $15 Jordi Solis
ECB Backplane (8 slot) 11 20 USD John Coffman167mm version, 1/8“ thickness
32 Rich Cini co-stocked for mini-68k
ECB Mini Backplane (3 slot) 2 $3 USD Phil Summers
50 $5 Will SowerbuttsNew stock November 2018: 1.6mm, HASL lead solder finish.
ECB Mini Backplane (4 slot 10×10) 9 $5 USD Phil Summers
SBC-V2-004v4 $10 USD Phil SummersUpdated design including reset correction, onboard ide connector, sound, super capacitor, clock divider, rs232-ttl solder jumpers - under development - untested.
SBC V2-003A 5 $10 USD Phil Summers
Includes the Kontron reset correction.
SBC V2-003 2 $15 Jordi Solis
SBC-188 0 $20 Todd Goodman

Prototyping ​Board III 4 $15 Ewout Ros
Prototyping ​Board III 15 $15 John Coffman
Prototyping ​Board III 4 $10 USD Phil Summers 17-10-05 version.
Zilog Peripherals 2 ​$10 USD Phil Summers
Sprites Color Graphics and Sound v02 (SCGS) 1 $10 Jordi Solis
Sprites Color Graphics and Sound v03 (SCGS) 3 ​10 USD Phil Summers
ECB Bus Monitor 20 $20 Todd Goodman
MSX Cartridge reader $20
DSKY V2 5 $15 Jordi Solis
VDU 3 $10 USD Phil Summers
ECB RAM-Floppy R11 5 10 USD Phil Summers
ECB 4PIO R03 2 Free Phil Summers Note Errata with the R03 board. Postage is 2.00 AUD within Australia, $7.50AUD overseas.
ECB ModPrn R03
ECB MF/PIC (68K Multifunction) 29 $20 Rich Cini v3.1-008 (20) and v3.1-007 (9). Includes National Semiconductor PIC chip with purchase.
ECB Dual IDE with FDC 8 $20 Rich Cini v2.0-006
ECB A/D-I/O 4 $20 Rich Cini v1.0-001
uPD7220 V2 $20
ECB Extended Backplane (12 slot) 1 $22 Jordi Solis
ECB Advanced Prototyping ​board $20
N8VEM Mini SBC v8 $20
ECB Mini-68K 28 $20 Rich Cini v2.0-007; requires MF/PIC board to operate.
ColorVDU V2 14 $20 Wayne Warthen
ECB VGA3 10 $25 John Coffman 4-layer ​board.
N8 Home Computer (ECB HC3v2) 20 $20 Todd Goodman
ECB Dual SD Card 12 $20 John Coffman
ECB Z180 SBC Mark IV (4-layer)
ECB SBC-386EX V2.0 5 $15 USD Phil Summers
ECB 12-slot Backplane for Siemens 6508 chassis or stand-alone 2 $10 USD Phil Summers
ECB MC68030 CPU & memory (KISS030) 20 $25 Rich Cini v1.0-006;​ requires ​MF/​PIC ​board
ECB 4UART-USB 13 $20 John Coffman
ECB USB FIFO 30 $6 Will Sowerbutts New stock November 2018
ECB 6x0x-ATX-6U 0 $20 Andrew Bingham May do another run if there is interest.
ECB TRAM Carrier v0.5 9 $15 Richard Edwards Supports 4 INMOS TRAM'​s. Required Host Link Adapter and TRAM Modules (AUS)
ECB 65c816 SBC 15 $20 Dan Werner note the logic family on the board – U6 must be HCT!
ECB Bus Extender 4 $15 Richard Edwards note - extender board has row A and C. Row B is not part of the design although ribbon cable can be used to bring row B through. (AUS)

S-100 Bus Boards

Board / Component Stock Price Order ContactNotes
Regular Prototyping Board $20
Buffered Prototyping Board v3.0a 20 $20 Todd Goodman
4 $20 Jordi Solis
Buffered Prototyping Board Mini Sea of PTH's 30 $25 Josh Bensadon (in Canada), Todd Goodman (elsewhere)
Backplane (9 slot, terminated) - V4 20 $15 Todd Goodman
Backplane (Antony's 18 slot, terminated) - V2 20 $32 Todd Goodman
Dual IDE - Version 03a 20 $20 Todd Goodman
Parallel ASCII Keyboard $20
4MB SRAM 18 $20 Gary Kaufman
System Monitor Board - V3 40 $20 Todd Goodman
——TIL311 Display Board for SMB 20 $6 Todd Goodman
——LED Bar Display Board for SMB 20 $10 Todd Goodman
——HP5082 Display Board for SMB 20 $10 Todd Goodman
Bus Extender - V2 20 $20 Todd Goodman
RAM & ROM - v2.0b 20 $20 Todd Goodman
Serial I/O v3.1 20 $20 Todd Goodman
IMSAI MPU-A CPU Board (8080A) reproduction of original 20 $30 Gary Kaufman
Propeller Based Console I/O - v2.51 20 $20 Todd Goodman
Altair 8800 CPU Board (8080A) reproduction of original 30 $30 Gary Kaufman
68000/68010 CPU board v1.03b 20 $20 Todd Goodman
8086 Master/Slave CPU Board 20 $20 Gary Kaufman
6502 CPU board 20 $20 Todd Goodman
16MB SRAM - v6.0a 20 $20 Todd Goodman
—- Mezzanine Board for SRAM - V06d 60 $3 Todd Goodman
16MB SRAM - V1 60 $15 Todd Goodman
—-Mezzanine board for SRAM - V06C 3 $1 Todd Goodman
Parallel I/O Board V2 20 $20 Todd Goodman
Bus Terminator 20 $20 Todd Goodman
S-100 PC-AT Ver 02 (DOS Support Board) 0 $15 Neil Breeden
S-100 Front Panel (aka FP Mini) 4 $20 Don Caprio
Front Panel - Full Size (reproduction of a popular classic) 2 ?? Don CaprioLooking for Beta tester
S-100 Bus Breakout Board 75 $5 Don CaprioBoard In production
S-100 OPL3 V1 20 $17 Todd Goodman
S-100 V2 MSX2 UTILITY Board 9 15 € Jordi SolisLooking for Beta tester
Z-80 SBC v1.1a 20 $20 Todd Goodman
Z-80 Master v2.01 20 $20 Todd Goodman
ZFDC v1.0b 20 $20 Todd Goodman
8088 Master v2 (Marked “Version 01” on silkscreen) 20 $20 Todd Goodman
80286 v2 20 $20 Todd Goodman
80386 v2.31 20 $20 Todd Goodman
32/64MB OTT RAM v3.11b 20 $26 Todd Goodman
PDP11 CPU v2 20 $20 Todd Goodman
PDP11 Support v1.01 20 $20 Todd Goodman
MSDOS Support v3a 20 $20 Todd Goodman
16-bit VGA v15a 20 $20 Todd Goodman
Trident Adapter v15a 20 $5 Todd Goodman
Full Size 80486 v15a 20 $36 Todd Goodman
CCS-2422E 20 $20 Todd Goodman
Bus Display 60 $20 Todd Goodman

ISA Bus Boards

Xi 8088 Project (Sergey Kiselev)

Board / Component Stock Price Order Contact Notes
Xi 8088 PCB20$25Todd Goodman
ISA Backplane PCB40$25Todd Goodman
ISA SVGA v1.1 PCB40$10Todd Goodman
XT-CF-Lite PCB30$12Todd Goodman
ISA OPL2 PCB40$10Todd Goodman
ISA Floppy Disk and Serial Controller PCB40$10Todd Goodman
Micro 8088 PCB9$20Sergey Kiselev
ISA 8-Bit Backplane PCB6$10Sergey Kiselev

Other (formerly known as "Mini") Boards

Board / Component Stock Price Order Contact Notes
PPISD20$5Todd Goodman
AT2XTKBD20$5Todd Goodman
ECB to Z80 Socket Adapters $5
Juha SD $5
SCSI2IDEv240$10Todd Goodman
XT-IDE (ISA Bus)0$12Todd GoodmanNot sure about reordering, new version created by someone on VCF
XT-FDC40$12Todd Goodman
MSX EPROM Cartridge $5
Zeta/Z80-2-ECB Prototypes2$12Andrew Bingham
Elm GAL Programmer 2

5 €

Jordi Solis

Phillip Summers logic devices - v1.6.pdf
CF-IDE daughterboard for MPU3022$1.50Bill Shenbare pc board
CF-IDE daughterboard for MPU3022$12Bill ShenAssembled and tested, CF disk not included.
Z280RC, Z280 for RC20144$50Bill ShenAssembled and tested, include CP2102 USB adapter and 128Meg CF loaded with software
MC14500 board9$5Richard Edwards1bit “CPU” board.
KIM Uno Board only8$5USMichael Cvet.Kim Uno Board using Arduino see Tronixlabs (you can purchase kits from there also). I only have blank PC boards from an order I placed. Postage FREE to Aust. and US for 1 board.
SYM-1 Maxi Board2$20USMichael Cvet.SYM-1 Maxi board, serial clone of SYM-1 board. See Old Micros website. Postage FREE to Aust and US for 1 board.


Board / Component Stock Price Order Contact Notes
80C188-25 CPU0$4Todd Goodman
WD37C65 FDC $8
NS32202134Free with MF/PIC Rich Cini or John Coffman

Order Contact Information

Contact Email Locn Last Updated Username
Andrew Binghamabingham <at> 26 Oct 2015
Rich Cinirich.cini <at> 29 July 2014
John Coffmanjohninsd <at> gmail <dot> comUSA07 Feb 2019jcoffman
Todd Goodmantsg <at> or tacoman656 <at> 18 Mar 2017
Gary Kaufmangkaufman <at> 23 May 2014
Sergey Kiselevskiselev:gmail/com (replace ':' with '@' and '/' with '.') 28 Jul 2015
Ed Sniderzippster278 <at> 13 Mar 2018
Will Sowerbuttswill <at> sowerbutts.comUK22 July 2017
Wayne Warthenwwarthen <at> 3 Sep 2015
Neil Breedennbreeden <at> 23 May 2014
Don Caprioilvunix <at> 05 Oct 2014
Ewout Rosewout.ros <at> 19 Feb 2017
Richard Edwardsecb <at> trick-1 <dot> netAust.5 Jul 2017
Jordi Solísjordi.solism <at> gmail <dot> comSpain20 Aug 2017
Dan Wernerdanwerner21 <at> gmail <dot> com 24 Sept 2017
Bill Shenhshen <at> spinn.netUSA29 Nov 2017
Phillip Summersdifficultylevelhigh <at> gmail <dot> comAust.6 Jul 2019b1ackmai1er
Doug Gabbarddoug <at> retrodepot <dot> netUSA15 Apr 2019jdgabbard
Rienk Koolstrarkstar42 <at> gmail <dot> comNL13 Oct 2018
Michael Cvetanovskimichael.cvet <at> gmail <dot> comAust16 Nov 2018

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