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R03 Errata

Trace cuts:

  1. Cut pin 26 of IC12 (PIO-3) away from the ground plan.
  2. Cut the trace between C24 and pin 11 of IC12 (PIO-3)
  3. Cut the trace between C23 and pin 11 of IC9 (PIO-2)
  4. Cut the ground plane away from the via.
  5. Cut the ground plane to separate pin 26 of IC8 (PIO-0) and C11.
  6. Cut the trace from C11 to the via.
  7. Cut the trace between pin 11 of IC8 (PIO-0) and C8.

+5v connection:

A. Link pin 26 (IC12 PIO-3) to C12 to C9 to C11 to C8.

GND connection:

B. Link C12 to C9 to C11 to pin 11 IC8 (PIO-0) to C8.

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