ECB-4PIO-R04 Development

Untested files to correct errors in R03 board.

  • R03 board is incorrect
  • R03 schematics are correct.
  • Only R02 Kicad files are available.

R04b changes:

  • Create new Kicad 5 project based R03 schematics and R02 pcb.
  • Offset socket +1mm so pcb does not need to be trimmed.
  • Correct power and ground lines to PIO's
  • Correct PIO addressing for PORTSEL and CONTSEL.
  • Changed reset circuit to KONTRON as default, modifiable with solder link.
  • Add optional power and ground to port headers using a solder link.
  • Submit Z80 PIO symbol to Kicad team for inclusion in Kicad library.
  • Allow for Multicomp style shrouded pin header.


Untested development files:

Kicad Files: ECB-4PIO-R04b

Gerbers: ECB-4PIO-R04b

Schematic: ECB-4PIO-R04b



Pin 2 & 3 of IC7 appear to have been transposed in the Kicad update. Suggested correction is to lift pin 5 of ic7 out of the socket and connect pin 6 to pin 15 on ic7. Also pin 13 and 14 of IC7 which will likely mix up the address mapping of ports and chips.

speed3ple also identified that the ECB connector position is still not positioned correctly, requiring the end of the board to be trimmed to mount the ECB socket. Also, that the pin header connectors cannot be substituted for shrouded style due to lack of space.

Corrections to these issues included in V04b and ECB-4PIO-I2C.

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