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eeschema (2011-07-12 BZR 3047)-stable  >> Creation date: Wed 15 Apr 2014

*   = with 505-6508 chassis; 100K grounding resistor used
**  = use with external +5v switching power supply
@@  = install for Kontron compatible Reset operation:

96-pin  N8VEM legacy            Kontron compatible

C-31    output from CPU         input to CPU board
        peripheral reset

C-26    not used                output from CPU board
	                        peripheral reset

If you are not sure, use N8VEM legacy; i.e., don't stuff the switch or 2-pin connector.

#Cmp ( order = Reference )
   | BAT1       SN2032 socket   optional 3v Lithium battery socket
   | C1-22      0.1 uF      monolithic or ceramic
   | C23        22uF        electrolytic (22uF up to 100uF)    
   | C26        0.1uF to  0.47uF monolithic or ceramic
   | D1         LED         Green (VCC)
   | D2         LED         Red (+5v)
   | D6         LED         Yellow (+12v)
   | JP1        CONN_3      backplane battery power source selection
** | P2         POWER       Molex 4-pin IBM peripheral connector
   | P50        CONN_2      external battery connector
@@ | P81        RESET       external Reset connector (Kontron)
   | R1         470 ohm 1/4 W        
   | R2         330 ohm 1/4 W         
   | R3         1000 ohm 1/4 W -- up to 4.7K, if yellow is too bright for you     
*  | R4         100K        use with Siemens 505-6508 chassis
*  | SW1        POWER       use #18 copper wire short circuit if Siemens chassis to be used 
@@ | SW2        SW_PUSH     Kontron reset only 
   | U0-11      C96ABC      96-pin female DIN 41612 connector
#End Cmp

The LED colors are suggested:  Yellow corresponds to the +12v yellow wire on the IBM power connector, Red to the +5 wire, and Green for GO: "Vcc Power On" the backplane connectors.

#End List
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