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ECB Bus Monitor


The ECB bus monitor is a debugging/prototyping card which allows a builder to monitor the state of the ECB bus. The ECB bus reflects the state of the the SBC or processor card plugged into the bus so it is helpful to understand the proper operation of the computer system.

ECB bus monitor features:

  • Displays state of ECB bus address lines [A0-A15], data lines [D0-D8], and control lines using LEDs
  • Allows the builder to single step through instructions
  • Allows the builder to set “trap” address to halt the SBC processor when a specific address is reached
  • Allows the builder to set conditional trapping combinations including on memory and I/O requests

Note: Newer RBC processor cards have extended the address and data lines beyond what this card can display. It is most useful with the Z80-based SBC/processor cards.

Hardware Documentation



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Parts List

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Videos Demonstrating Operation

See the ECB Bus Monitors Videos page for a set of videos showing the operation of this board.

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