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ECB Color Video Display Unit


The ECB Color Video Display Unit board provides a color video terminal to RBC ECB bus systems using the MOS8563 chip found in the Commodore 128. Features include:

  • MOS8563 display chip
  • PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse inputs (note: only the keyboard input appears to have been tested based on past documentation)
  • CGA (digital) output on pin header
  • Resistor network DAC with output on a VGA-style connector

Hardware Documentation

Board: colorvdu2_board.pdf

Schematic: colorvdu2_schematic.pdf

Manufacturing Files: FIXME (not present on old wiki)

KiCAD Files: FIXME (not present on old wiki)

Build Information

MOS8563 Documentation


Test Programs

Builder's Notes/Comments

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File List

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8563notes.txt27.6 KiB2015/10/31 22:42
colorvdu2.lst4.2 KiB2015/10/31 22:42
colorvdu2_board.pdf478.4 KiB2015/10/31 22:42
colorvdu2_bom.xlsx13.9 KiB2015/10/31 22:42
colorvdu2_schematic.pdf245.1 KiB2015/10/31 22:42
commodore_128_programmer_s_reference_guide.pdf23.5 MiB2015/10/31 22:43
construction_notes.txt3.3 KiB2015/10/31 22:42
cvdu-188-testprograms.zip166.0 KiB2015/10/31 22:42
cvdu_test_programs.zip2.1 MiB2015/10/31 22:42

Historical V1.00 Files

FilenameFilesizeLast modified
8563vdu.pdf63.4 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
brd--colorvdu.gif136.0 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
brd-003--colorvdu.gif155.9 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
brd-005-bottom.gif141.7 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
brd-005-layout.gif84.2 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
brd-005-top.gif130.2 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
clearance_problem_2_img_1535.jpg182.6 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
colorvdu-001.zip1.6 MiB2015/10/31 22:47
colorvdu-bom.xlsx15.6 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
colorvdu.lst8.4 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
ecb-colorvdu-kicad-002.zip63.4 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
ecb_colorvdu-kicad-001.zip1.9 MiB2015/10/31 22:47
ecb_colorvdu-kicad-002.1.zip1.9 MiB2015/10/31 22:47
ecb_colorvdu-kicad-1.0-003.zip1.9 MiB2015/10/31 22:47
kicad-005-colorvdu.zip276.5 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
lt1054.pdf607.6 KiB2015/10/31 22:42
m8563_test_programs.zip2.1 MiB2015/10/31 22:42
mc1377.pdf643.4 KiB2015/10/31 22:42
printing_colorvdu-brd.pdf664.6 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
printing_colorvdu-sch.pdf224.6 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
ps2mouse.pdf156.3 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
sch--colorvdu-vga_output.gif40.6 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
sch--colorvdu.gif369.4 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
sch-003--colorvdu-vga_output.gif40.5 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
sch-003--colorvdu.gif374.4 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
sch-004--colorvdu-vga_output.gif40.5 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
sch-004--colorvdu.gif385.5 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
sch-005-colorvdu-vga_output.docx53.7 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
sch-005-colorvdu-vga_output.gif40.5 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
sch-005-colorvdu.docx405.1 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
sch-005-colorvdu.gif392.0 KiB2015/10/31 22:47
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