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ECB Color Video Display Unit


The ECB Color Video Display Unit board provides a color video terminal to RBC ECB bus systems using the MOS8563 chip found in the Commodore 128. Features include:

  • MOS8563 display chip
  • PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse inputs (note: only the keyboard input appears to have been tested based on past documentation)
  • CGA (digital) output on pin header
  • Resistor network DAC with EGA signal output on a VGA-style connector

Hardware Documentation

Current Revision: Rev 2.00-007

Board: colorvdu2_board.pdf

Schematic: colorvdu2_schematic.pdf

Manufacturing Files: FIXME (not present on old wiki)

KiCAD Files: FIXME (not present on old wiki)

Archived files related to prototypes & Rev 1.00 boards can be found on the Color VDU Rev 1.00/Prototype Files page.

Build Information

MOS8563 Documentation


Construction Notes

Test Programs

Color VDU Test Programs for use with Z80 CPU boards such as the SBC V2 and Mark IV.

Color VDU-188 Test Programs for use with the SBC-188.

Builder's Notes/Comments

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Note: Some photos show prototype/Rev 1.00 cards.

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