This is the first version of the circuit that was release but not built.


Here is the first version of the PCB:




The first reinvented board based on Wolfgang's original circuit. An activity light was added with selectable jumper for device selection or DMA activity monitoring and trouble shooting. The activity light circuit was taken directly from Wolfgang's Ramfloppy design.

R01A gerbers are here.

R01A Kicad files are here.

Errata : The output of U6b pin 6 must be inverted before pin 1 of U10. i.e. the direction signal is incorrect. Updated in version 001B

  • SW2 should be jumpered 1-3 on the primary DMA board
  • SW2 should be jumpered 2-4 on all other (secondary) boards.


Under development

  • Corrects missing inverter.
  • Change jumper headers.
  • Silk screen improvements.
  • Routing changes.
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