KISS-68030 board 1.0 & 1.1


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BIOS firmware may be found on this Wiki under: software:firmwareos:68000

Memory Tests

In bringing up a new board pair (KISS-68030 and MF/PIC), the first test to run is a memory test. The binary distribution below contains TEST3.BIN and TEST4.BIN, which you should burn to ROM depending upon the size of the memory SIMMs you are using. Output is first to the LEDs on the KISS-68030 CPU board, then to a terminal at 9600bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 or 2 stop bits. More information about the tests, as well as older TEST1.BIN and TEST2.BIN, are contained in the README file.

The MF/PIC board should be set to I/O address 0x40. The board must be updated to version 1.1.

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Thorsten has comments on memories that work well, and those that do not. Check out his builder-page information here.

Will Sowerbutts (2023-03-19): I've now seen two KISS-68030 boards that fail the memory tests repeatedly. One failed at 5.0V power supply but passed at 5.2V. Both boards were fixed by changing U403 to a Philips 74F195AN, both boards became stable at power supply voltages all the way down to 4.0V with this part fitted. Philips 74F195AN seems to be the magic part. A National Semiconductor 74F195AN did not work at 5.0V, seems the Philips part is better in some way.

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