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ProtoBoard III

The ProtoBoard III is an 160x100mm EBC bus prototyping board that feature a generous through hole prototyping area and the typical bus buffering and address decoding required to implement an I/O peripheral.


  • Flexible 6-bit I/O address range selection
  • Pin headers for buffered address, data and control signals.
  • ECB bus pinout area for access to other ECB signals.



<font 16px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>The board may be constructed with either the 74LS682 (preferred), 74LS684, or 74LS688 chip. The last two require a strip of 22K bussed resistors; the first does not.</font>

<font 16px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>Note that the footprint for the second ECB connector is for access to ECB signal lines and is not suitable for connect to another ECB board through a female vertical connector.</font>


The current version is 17-10-05

Gerbers are here :

Kicad file are here :

Please note errata for previous version here.

Respin consideration: Add +5VDC barrel jack connector, add mounting holes, add warning for installing ECB connect on ECB2.


Board Description 770Kb12-Mar-2017
ProtoBoard III schematic 219Kb21-Oct-2017
ProtoBoard III parts list 18Kb12-Mar-2017
Jameco Part numbers 1kb18-Feb-2017
Photos from Kicad 5.4Mb02-Feb-2017
Kicad 4.4.0 project files 625Kb02-Feb-2017
ProtoBoard III errata - mandatory 24Kb04-Oct-2017

This board is licensed for hobbyist use only.

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