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Line 377: Line 377:
 ====== Jumper S3: ====== ====== Jumper S3: ======
-S3/1 reset the counter with signal B_/PWCLR+S3/1 reset the counter with signal B_/​PWCLR ​(C26, Kontron compatibility)
-S3/2 reset the counter with signal B_/RESET+S3/2 reset the counter with signal B_/​RESET ​(C31, Legacy N8VEM)
 S3/3 /Option_Bit = 0 S3/3 /Option_Bit = 0
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Test software can be found here: {{:​boards:​ecb:​ramfloppy:​firmware:​raf113.zip|:​boards:​ecb:​ramfloppy:​firmware:​raf113.zip}}+Before use the RAM floppy needs to be initialized with the CLRDIR.COM command. Ensure the Write Protect switch is turned off. 
 +RetroBrew HBIOS v2.9.1-pre.6,​ 2018-09-27 
 +Unit        Device ​     Type              Capacity/​Mode 
 +---------- ​ ---------- ​ ---------------- ​ -------------------- 
 +Disk 4      RF0:        RAM Floppy ​       4MB,LBA 
 +Configuring Drives... 
 +CP/M-80 v2.2, 54.0K TPA 
 +CLRDIR V-0.4 (06-Aug-2012) by Max Scane 
 +Warning - this utility will overwite the directory sectors of Drive: E: 
 +Type Y to proceed any key other key to exit. Y 
 +Directory cleared. 
 +</​code> ​Test software can be found here: {{:​boards:​ecb:​ramfloppy:​firmware:​raf113.zip|:​boards:​ecb:​ramfloppy:​firmware:​raf113.zip}}
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