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CompactFlash IDE Daughterboard for MPU302




The IDE-CF daughterboard plugs into MPU302 and add additional drives to CP/M-68K as defined in the BIOS. MPUBIOS_v2 will detect the presence of the IDE-CF daughterboard automatically and assign four 8-megabyte drives, D: thru G:. Older version of MPU302 may not have the most recent BIOS, please refer to CPM BIOS Update section of MPU302 Software Updates for instruction on BIOS update.


photo of board with features pointed out

operation of the board: 5V connection, 2.5mm jack required

Design Files

Schematic was created with IVEX WinDraft.

Gerber files. IVEX WinBoard is used to created the pc board. The boards were manufactured by Seeed Studio.

Part list

connector definition DIN41612 & SPI & 2nd serial

Build Log

step-by-step build process

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