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 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-photo of board with features ​pointed out +photo above shows the major features of the CF IDE daughterboard. ​ The CompactFlash connector and DIN41612 are keyed so they can be connected only one way.  The 5V power to MPU302 and daughterboard is supplied via the 2.5mm power plug.  The center lead is 5V while the barrel is ground. ​ When the daughterboard is plugged into MPU3025V power must come in via the 2.5mm plug.  This is because 5V is shorted to ground when the 2.5mm plug is not inserted. ​ The 4-pin header and 5-pin header are for serial port and SPI port, respectively.
- +
-operation ​of the board: ​5V connection, 2.5mm jack required+
 ===== Design Files ===== ===== Design Files =====
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