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 ^AT27C080^1Mb|1-2|1-2|1-2| ^AT27C080^1Mb|1-2|1-2|1-2|
 ^M27C801^1Mb|1-2|1-2|1-2| ^M27C801^1Mb|1-2|1-2|1-2|
 +In the situation that you do not have an EPROM programmer it is best to obtain a copy of the ROMWBW in a FLASH format so it can be reprogrammed in-system using the FLASH utility. A HOTFLASH technique can be used if you want to swap from an EPROM to a FLASH chip without an EPROM programmer:
 +Example starting with an AT27C080 EPROM and swapping to a AT49F040A FLASH chip.
 +  - Transfer new ROM image from PC to SBC-V2 secondary storage i.e. SDCard
 +  - Copy FLASH.COM from B: to secondary storage i.e SDCard
 +  - Change to secondary storage directory.
 +  - Remove EPROM
 +  - Change jumpers to suit FLASH chip i.e. K1 unchanged, K6 from 1-2 to 2-3, K8 from 1-2 to 2-3.
 +  - Insert FLASH chip. Insert pin 1 side first to ensure GND had contact first.
 +  - Reboot
 \\ \\
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