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Under development:

Updated design to include the following changes.

  • Correction of reset circuit.
  • Addition of speaker circuit.
  • Add solder jumpers for bypassing DS1210.
  • Move status LED to corner of board as per other ECB boards.
  • Align serial connector pinout and functionality to SBC Z180 Mark IV
  • Add onboard super capacitor.
  • Incorporate ppide.
  • Update to Kicad 5.

Other ideas to be considered:

  • Default to hard Kontron reset mode, move reset switch to edge of board and remove reset jumper.



Silkscreen mixed up for R1 and R2 resulting in reset button failing. R2 should be resistor closest to reset jumper and should be 10K. R1 is resistor closest to reset switch and should be 10R. Lots of silkscreen reverted to Fab layer somehow. Fixed in revision R+

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