Single Board Computers

The table below summarizes the Single Board Computer boards created by members of the RBC community. Each board has its own page with detailed information about the board.

Board Name CPU(s) Expansion Bus Interface Other Notes
SBC V2Zilog Z80ECB
Mark IVZilog Z180ECBMark IV Legacy Wiki Folder
SBC-188Intel/AMD 80C188ECBSBC-188 Legacy Wiki Folder ……Updated Jan-2020 to board revision 3
6x0x-ATX-6UMOS 6502
Motorola 6809
Motorola 6802
Hitachi 6309
ECBCard has interfaces for installation in a standard MicroATX case and use of a standard ATX power supply
Zeta SBCZilog Z80N/A (see notes)Supports ParPortProp add-on card via parallel interface
Zeta SBC V2Zilog Z80N/A (see notes)Supports ParPortProp add-on card via parallel interface
MulticompMotorola 6809
MOS Technologies 6502
Zilog Z80
N/AAn FPGA based single board computer programmable at the hardware level.
N8Zilog Z180ECBPreviously known as the “Home Computer”. N8 Legacy Wiki Folder
SBC6120-RBC EditionHarris HD-6120N/A (see notes)Updated version of Spare Time Gizmos board. Has an onboard expansion port specific to this board with address/data/control lines
Gryphon 68030Motorola 68030N/AGryphon 68030 Legacy Wiki Folder
CPU280Zilog Z280ECBProject to revive original design by Tilmann Reh
MiniMax8085Intel 8085AExtension header with most 8085 signals
SBC 65C816WDC 65C816ECB65816 SBC with 32K ROM, 512K RAM and ECB bus support.
Tiny68KMotorola 68000NA (see notes)Low cost, support CP/M 68K, 16 meg of dynamic memory
MPU302Motorola 68302Custom 96-pin DIN41612 Please note the expansion bus header is not compatible with ECB bus. Repurposed SPX MPU board for CP/M 68K. Read about it on Hackaday
PE6502WDC 65C02Custom 40-pin65C02-based, low parts count/easy to assemble, Wozmon/Integer BASIC/AppleSoft Lite/Krusader Asm/Disasm/Debugger built-in ROM, 32K SRAM, Propeller term.
MC14500MC14500NAMC14500 board. Uses switches to load data/commands.
Simple boards with various old microprocessors with the whole logic of a computer other than the CPU implemented in an STM32-family microcontroller. The boards are powered via USB from a PC and communicate with a terminal program on the PC via two virtual COM channels implemented in an USB device. The first VCOM provides a command interface to a hardware monitor for controlling the CPU, single-stepping with disassembly, .HEX file loading, etc., while the other serves as target computer's console.
YAZ180Zilog Z180IDE & I2CSBC including: Z8S180, Am9511A-1 APU, 82C55 PIO, PCA9665 I2C. ESP8266 Serial Interface, 1MB RAM, up to 512kB Flash.
SBC-858085RS232, Full Exp Bus8085 Single Board Computer
BlitzMC68030ISA, IDE, Floppy32-bit 68030 based board with an ISA bus, Micro-ATX form factor.

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