The YAZ180 is a modern single board computer, built on the tradition rich Z8S180 CPU and the AMD Am9511A-1 APU.

It is my attempt to create a perfect mix of “ancient” and modern computing technology. Specifically, it is an attempt to marry CPU/APU technology from 40 years ago, with modern I2C, USB, and WiFi capabilities, and make an powerful 8-bit computer that can either be embedded into an application, or operate as a stand-alone computer (with some accessories). It won't suit everyone, but it does exactly what I want.

The YAZ180 is supported by the z88dk and it is designed to work with both traditional CP/M v2.2 applications and modern z88dk C compiled programs. The YAZ180 is fully open source. All documentation and design is available from this repository.

YAZ180 v2.4 2019

There is a build diary, that contains dated information (i.e. potentially incorrect) in two posts.

Following these two posts I moved most of the documentation effort to github, and now it is all available there.

  • The concept and current status.
  • The PCB versions designed in Eagle 6.6, of which v2.4 is the current release.
  • The CUPL glue logic, supporting flexible memory mapping, and single step hardware with a break-point.
  • The bios implementation, supporting far calls with RST jumps (supported by z88dk), and supporting FATFS IDE drives.
  • The CP/M v2.2 implementation, which uses a FATFS formatted IDE drive.

So, is it finished?

Well, yes. The hardware is pretty much finished. Software projects are ongoing.

  • The perl script for ICP of the Flash is unfinished, because I stopped needing it.
  • The MP/M implementation is unfinished, because I got distracted.
  • The FUZIX support is unfinished, because I've not had time.


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