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06 May 2017

Kits are in the wild! Everyone on the original Google Forms list has been contacted & kits have been shipped to pretty much everyone at this point. I am working through the remaining 'waiting list' right now with the spare parts; this is going a bit more slowly since I am waiting for each kit to make it safely through the mail before I contact the next person on the list.

A couple of builders have posted about the kits on the internet, see:

Once I am out of HD-6120s, I will likely keep around a handful of GAL+EEPROM sets for people who procure their own HD-6120s and HD-6402s. There are plenty of PCBs left!

06 Feb 2017

We are just about to the next phase of this project, where a new group of boards goes out into the world!

I've made final updates to the main wiki page for the board including OS/8 images and a BOM generator that can be used to order parts.

2 intrepid testers have completed construction of Rev 1.10 final PCBs, one of which was tested with an original STG FP6120 & and IOB6120 at the same time:

sbc6120-rbc_and_stg-sbc6120_martin.jpg sbc6120-rbc_with_iob6120_fp6120_martin.jpg

PCBs will be going out tomorrow to the remaining PCB-only individuals.

IC kits have been tested and packaged & CDs have been burned, and I will be contacting people on the original order list shortly (starting 2/7) to collect payment & confirm shipping information.

There are quite a few kits to ship & I plan on collecting PayPal in small batches so I don't get behind and make people wait after having paid. So please be patient just a little while longer - there will be kits for everyone who was on the original list & received the 'mail merged' confirmation emails, and most of the people on the waiting list after that!

23 Dec 2016

Events in my family & work have slowed things down from the original schedule, but progress is still being made.

I want to have everything ready to ship before I take PayPal payments, so please bear with me until just after the new year and things will start shipping!

The following have been completed:

  • All HD-6120s tested
  • All EEPROMs programmed/verified & labeled
  • All MEM, IOT 1, and IOT 2 GALS programmed/verified & labeled
  • CDs for documentation ink stamp labeled
  • Finalized strategy for packaging

Steps to go:

  • Wrap up documentation addendums compared to original STG boards - BOM & User's Guide
  • Package PCBs inbetween protective card stock sheets
  • Burn CDs
  • Test each set of ICs as a kit (also testing HD-6402s at the same time) & package

Here are some pictures of everything coming together (click for full sized versions):

EEPROMs & GALs, programmed/verified & labeled

HD-6120s & HD-6402s

Rough Schedule Forward

  • 11/14-11/18 - Test HD-6120s
  • 11/21 - order PCBs and remainder of IC kits (once all HD-6120s are known good)
  • 11/28-12/2 - receive remainder of IC kits, program EEPROMs and GALs, make final updates to wiki for builders
  • ~12/5 - receive PCBs
  • 12/5 and on - kit parts, collect PayPal, & ship

14 Nov 2016

Received order of HD-6120s & partial order of HD-6402s.

03 Nov 2016

Rev 1.0 prototype board completed testing with an original Spare Tim Gizmos FP6120. The only copper layer change made to Rev 1.1 was the addition of 1 capacitor to add some decoupling when powering a CF→IDE adapter. This was done manually in KiCAD without changing anything else on the board. So Rev 1.1 boards are good to go!

28 October 2016

Closed list for updates & sent out email to people on the list ===== Headline =====confirming they are on there.

Information for Group Buy Participants

The following items are being offered:

  • PCBs - $20 USD
  • 'Hard to Find' IC Kit with HD1-6120 microprocessor, 6402 UART, 3 programmed GALs, and 2 programmed EEPROMs - $90 USD

Each order will also include (1) CD with license information, documentation, binaries, and sources. See below for representative photos of these items. Shipping cost is an additional charge, see notes below.

PCB & Documentation/Source CD

PCB, Hard to Find IC Kit & Documentation/Source CD

Hard to Find IC Kit ICs on PCB

Important Pre-Purchase Notes

Please review the following items prior to sending PayPal.

Additional Items Required for Completion

These are not complete kits. In order to finish assembly of the board, the following are required in addition to the PCB and 'Hard to Find ICs' described above:

  • Tools suitable for through hole soldering & skill/ability to use them
  • Approximately $80 worth of additional parts, which can be ordered from Dig-key, Jameco, or most other electronics suppliers
  • A 5V regulated power supply with standard PC power supply style Molex connector, minimum 1A current supply.
  • A suitable terminal (PC with serial port & software, vintage teletype or standalone terminal, etc) and serial cables (null modem needed if connecting to a PC)
  • A CF→IDE adapter & CF card OR an IDE hard drive
  • Optional but makes things go TON faster - a CF card reader or computer with IDE connection to preload disk images onto the drive

IC Kit Testing

I have individually tested every HD1-6120 to verify that:

  • The BTS6120 ROM monitor boots
  • OS/8 starts from a CF→IDE adapter
  • The OS/8 version of Adventure starts and runs successfully (this is a relativly complex program that takes ~1 minute, 15 seconds to load from the CF card)
  • Board-level current draw was in family with all other chips in the lot

All chips in the lot passed these tests (a handful received cosmetic damage to the ceramic packaging in shipping and those won't be used in satisfying the original group by list; I may offer them to people on the waiting list with prior agreement).

The GALs and EEPROMs were verified by the programmers during their programming process.

I have also tested every kit of chips as a set immediately before final packaging to verify that:

  • The BTS6120 ROM monitor boots
  • OS/8 starts from a CF→IDE adapter
  • The OS/8 version of Adventure starts and runs successfully (this is a relativly complex program that takes ~1 minute, 15 seconds to load from the CF card)
  • Board-level current draw was in family with other kits

I have tested everything as described above, which has resulted in 2x tests for the HD1-6120, GALs, and EEPROMs (individually and with the final kit) and 1x test for the 6402's (with the final kit).

Because completion of a board depends on the soldering/electronics skills of the end user & chips could be damaged by handling or electrical issues, I cannot offer any warranty/guarantee on the IC kits other than that they have been tested as described above and are received without any shipping damage. ICs will be shipped in anti-static tubes packages in ESD safe bags, the same way I receive new ICs from Digi-key.

HD1-6120 Chip Condition

The HD-6120 ICs that I purchased from China were 'refurbished' by the vendor so they all have a consistent appearance. They have been remarked and the IC leads have been retinned. They have the correct CERDIP packages & I have no reason to think that these are anything other than original chips that were 'pulled' and cleaned up. See below for a picture of one of the chips: \\group-buy-hd6120.jpg

6402 Chip Condition

The 6402 ICs that I purchased are a 'mixed lot'. Some appear to have been remarked or refurbished with re-tinned leads. Others appear to have original markings. Some chips have cosmetic damage to the plastic encapsulation including minor to moderate scuffs, scrapes, etc. All chips have been tested as part of the final testing of their respective kits as described above. Click on the thumbnail below for pictures of some of the 6402's.

Shipping Costs

Shipping inside the United States will be $7 for USPS Priority.

International shipping for PCBs only will be TBD (around ~$13.50) via First Class International.

International shipping for kits including the 'Hard to Find IC Kit' will be TBD (~$25-$37) via USPS Priority.

Kits will be shipped w/the full purchase value declared and international buyers are responsible for any customs duties, taxes, VAT, etc imposed by the destination country.

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