SBC-V2-004 This has been my biggest project so far. I took the SBC-V2 and added on board PPIDE circuit, added a simple sound circuit, on board super capacitor and standardized the serial connector with the Mark IV board. This was the the first real routing I have done and my original intention was just to correct the original reset flaw in the SBC-V2-003 and it grew from there. Contributed schematic for the AS6C4008 schematic to Kicad library.

This is the next iteration with clock divider circuit for switchable speeds. Intended for MSX compatability but not sure how useful it will be.

ECB-RAM FLOPPY A really interesting design by Wolfgang Kabatze. Once again, documentation, Gerbers and Kicad files had to be recovered and a new wiki site built. Came across a few fake RAM chips with this build. Programming the AT-TINY made this a new learning experience. Contributed a small change to ROMWBW to display the write protect status.

ECB-SCG There is a minor design flaw with the board in that the volume trim pots circuits are reversed which can cause output to be distorted if set incorrectly. Contributed an update board and schematic to address the errata for this board. Contributed beep code to ROMWBW. The colour output is not that great on my board which may be due to its NTSC output format or there may still be an unresolved issue. The sound output from this board is awesome but it didn't start out that way. It took me almost a year to figure out one of my jumpers was set incorrectly and was creating a distorted output.

ECB-SBC-V2 The first board I built in the Retrobrew world. It seems so complex at the time. I have learned so much since then. This was my first experience getting boards manufactured and led to a lot of involvement in developing the Retrobrew wiki. Identified the fault with external (Kontron) reset issue and solution. Contributed option to turn battery/super capacitor charging on at boot. Identified spare I/O port could be used for sound output and contributed beep code to ROMWBW.

ECB-VDU A sweet little board that has been a lot of fun. All the files had to be recovered from the old site and a new wiki page rebuilt and documented. It took a while to sort out the Kicad and Gerber files. Added some extra font files to the wiki and extra video modes to ROMWBW. The wire you can see is a modification to display 256 characters.

ECB-Zilog Peripherals. This board was quite challenging. PDF and Schematics files were available but Board/Gerbers files had been lost. Wiki updated with documentation from old site. All the routing for the board had to be retraced which took me about a month on and off. I was pretty amazed that it worked at all. Contributed changes to ROMWBW SIO driver to support the SIO chip. The CTC chip has never been tested and ROMWBW drivers for the PIO chips are still under development.

ECB-DISKIO-V3 Well documented and supported design. Tested with 3.5“ floppies and GOTEK USB floppy emulators. 8” connector is wishful thinking. SDCard works fine through the PPIDE interface. FDC chips from EBay.

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