Welcome to Nik's Builder page.

Photos and comments will be updated as the builds progress.

1. 6x0x-ATX-6U plan to run Flex OS



note: build still in progress.

2. ECB computer.

CVDU board working . Output to CGA monitor from 10 pin header. osc 14.318

cvdu.jpg cvdu_output_working.jpg

SBC Mark IV working. Serial Output to Vince Briel's Pocketerm.

sbcmk4_1.jpg sbcmk4_working.jpg


enclosure_internal_1.jpg enclosure_internal_2.jpg

enclosure_front.jpg enclosure_rear.jpg

enclosure data sheet

enclosure build notes

SBC1 / VDU / DISKIO3 w/- 5.25 inch Floppy Drive


3. S100 Computer. Objective is to run monitor program with serial I/O to Terminal .

Backplane V02 / Z80 CPU Master V 2.0

s100backplanev2.jpg z80.jpg

backplane notes

z80 cpu notes

System Monitor Board V2.0

Serial IO V03 / 4MB SRAM V 1.0

serial.jpg sram.jpg

then onto CP/M 3

IDE V02a


4. OLD Builds revisited

ECB Sound Color Graphics Card- MSX Game Pipi ---movie file


5. 8086 Maximum Mode SBC


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