This is my main page. It will do until I build a better one.

I'm busy on a number of things.

  • The YAZ180 was my hardware build through 2017 and 2018. It is now pretty much finished on PCB version 2.4 and is in daily use.
  • I'm fairly active on the z88dk development platform and am (sort of) responsible for ROMWBW HBIOS, RC2014, SCZ180 and YAZ180 targets there.
  • I'm often talking about RC2014, and have built a standard (no added features) CP/M supporting FATFS IDE drives (CF and PATA) for the RC2014, and have written some entries on using z88dk.
  • I've recently built a IEEE-754 compliant 32-bit floating point library math32 for z88dk, which can be used with both sdcc and sccz80. It is the only (to my knowledge) floating point library which supports both the z180 mlt nn , and the ZX Spectrum Next mul de instructions, which are used to deliver a substantial performance improvement over “soft float” libraries. The z80 version of the math32 library benchmarks pretty well too.

Unrelated to retrobrew, the things I'm known for (measured in internet hits) are throwing a freeRTOS version for Arduino into a library called unimaginatively, Arduino_FreeRTOS_Library, and for punching holes in my credit cards.

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