I have a long time interest in the 6502 processor, but when the CMOS version was released (in the 80's), I immediately switched over to it. I've done multiple hardware projects around the 65C02 over the decades and have recently started doing some newer projects.

I now have a C02 Pocket SBC which is based on the WDC 65C02 processor running at 6MHz. Configuration is quite simple with 32KB static RAM, 32KB EEPROM, a NXP/Philips SCC2691 UART, ATF22V10 glue logic and a FTDI Async to USB interface. It, along with some other projects, can be found on my Github page.

I only write in assembler for the W65C02 and have written a stable and good performing BIOS and Monitor. I've also modified Lee Davison's Enhanced Basic with multiple CMOS instructions/addressing modes and some other changes. For these projects, I publish the schematics, PCB layout (both in ExpressPCB), full source code for use with WDC Tools and the CPLD code for the glue logic in WinCUPL.

I'll be adding these and newer projects in the near future. The C02 Pocket SBC and all of it's information can be found at: https://github.com/floobydust

Regards, KM

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