S-100 Board images

Current working system, hopefully with enough detail for others to see jumpers and switch settings that worked for me.

(I've just added the 80486 Baby and removed the 8088 and 80386 boards. I've also changed to the V6.0a 16 mb ram board.)

Z80 is system master, TMA0 activates 8088 (with Trident VGA Active), TMA1 activates 80386 board.

Detail images of 80386 show 2 resistors and capacitors mounted on rear of board as my 80386 sockets did not have a center cut-out.

I currently run the V5 SRAM card with 8mb as the V3 was not totally stable in my system.

The boards are in this order from front–>back, using a CompuPro Chassis and switching power supplies (+8VDC, +/-15VDC) and active termination on backplane.

System Monitor Board V3: smb_v3.01.jpg

Z80 CPU V2:z80_cpu_board_v02.jpg

8088 CPU:8088_cpu_v01.jpg

16mb SRAM V3:16mb_sram_v3.jpg

80486 Baby:80486-1.jpg

80386 CPLD:80386_cpu_v2.31.jpg

80386 CPLD (Detail):80386_cpu_v2.31_detail_1_.jpg

80386 CPLD (Detail 2):80386_cpu_v2.31_detail_2_.jpg

MSDOS Support Board V3:msdos_support_board_v3.0a.jpg

Trident VGA:trident_vga_v11a.jpg

IDE/CF V3a:ide_cf_v3a.jpg

Serial IO V2:serial_io_v2.jpg

Parallel IO V2:parallel_io_v2.jpg

ZFDC V01:zfdc_v01.jpg

Console (Propeller) IO V2:console_io_v2.jpg

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