A few links that I find useful: Links

PS/2 Keyboard adapter for S-100 Propeller Console Board: PS/2 keyboard Adaptor

JTAG adapter to hook S-100 80386 CPLD board to the Kanda programmer: jtag

Revised VGA_IO.PDS and .JED files for the S-100 Trident VGA Board to make use of TMAx select lines.

Allows de-selecting the VGA RAM/ROM when not using the 8088 CPU board - this way you can test all 16mb of ram with the 80386 board without interference.

Geoff Graham's PIC32 Ascii Terminal. Geoff Graham's PIC32 Ascii Terminal

Tauntek's Z80 Microprocessor In-Circuit Emulator Design. Tauntek's Z80 In Circuit Emulator

S-100 Board images

Images of my current working system.

Hopefully with enough detail for others to see jumpers and switch settings that worked for me: S-100 boards

Additional boards (not in my current system): More S-100 boards


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