Multicomp Z80 with b/w Graphics



The graphics expansion consists of two parts, the modified multicomp-z80 VHDL-code and an RSX-package, that holds the needed software to handle the graphic output (dots, lines etc., bitmaps and text). Incl. are also several demo programs which I used to create the shown screenshots.

Some general parameters:

  • ASCII-Display is 80×30 (Col. * Row)
  • Graphic-Display is 640x240px Black & White, no Attribute-RAM
  • Fully programmable Font-ROM
  • ASCII-Cursor ON/OFF via Port access
  • RSX-Module (as binary) with basic functions for text, line graphics, bitmaps (only b/w bitmaps, size up to screen size) and Font-ROM access
  • Files with C-functions to communicate with the RSX and handle the graphics in user programs.
  • Several ready to run binaries (5 demos) and beside that some com's for graphic-screen clearing, graphic-screen ON/OFF and font-exchange (!)

Build Information

Of course, a Multicomp Cyclone-IVb as mentioned above, a programmer for the FPGA-chip, the ready-to-use ALTERA-Quartus2 V13.0.1 software for programming LOL All c-/asm-source and binary files are included. For assembling/recompiling you need the M80 Assembler and the MESCC C-Compiler system from Github. Instructions how to do both steps is described in 'xgraph.txt' included in the 'Multcomp-Z80_xgraph-*.tar.gz' package. I haven't checked whether the HiTech C-Compiler can do the job too.

Builder's Notes/Comments

For programming the RSX I used the package from Miguel I. Garcia Lopez as a example/guideline for building my own RSX and C-function files. You can find his original software on Github The Multicomp VHDL-Code incl. the CP/M software I've got from here in the forum. The PCB and the Mini-FPGA-Board can be found here in the forum wiki. One comment regarding the Mini-FPGA-Board: The Multicomp version using the Cyclone-2 chip can't be used with the graphic, because of not having sufficient internal block-RAM (mainly) and LE's.

The package has reached it's planned basic functionality now. The Reference-Manual, describing the C-functions and the RSX is done.

File List

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