G8PP Baseline Configuration

Please refer to G8PP page for introduction and background information. G8PP baseline configuration is the default set of wiring connections. In rev 0 pc board, these connections are manually wired. In later version of pc board most, if not all, of the connections will be in printed circuits.



Schematic of baseline configuration

List of manual connections:

  • T1 to Serial connector pin 2
  • T2 to Serial connector pin 3
  • Ground to Serial connector pin 5
  • T29 to compact flash CS
  • T30 to compact flash RD
  • T31 to compact flash WR
  • T23 to RAM CS
  • T24 to RAM WE
  • T25 to RAM OE
  • T11 to RC2014 pin 38 (Spare2)
  • T12 to RC2014 pin 37 (Spare1)
  • T13 to RC2014 pin 39 (Spare3)
  • T21 to RAM pin 3 (A14)
  • T20 to RAM pin 31 (A15)
  • T19 to RAM pin 2 (A16)
  • T16 to RAM pin 30 (A17)
  • T18 to RAM pin 1 (A18)
  • T10 to RC2014 pin 23 (nMREQ)
  • T9 to RC2014 pin 26 (nIORQ)

G8PP Connectors


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