G8PPBase + Z80


This is a two-board configuration consists of a G8PP in baseline configuration and a simple Z80 board on RC2014 backplane.


Z80 CPU Card


Schematic of PCB Z80 CPU card

Gerber photoplots of Z80 CPU PC board

Prototype Z80 CPU Card



This is a prototype of the Z80 CPU card. It is superseded by the PC board version.

Schematic of prototype Z80 CPU card

RC2014 Signal Definition

The predefined RC2014 signals remain the same. The spare signals are connected to the following Z80 signals:

  • RC2014 Pin 37 (Spare 1) — nBUSRQ (Z80 pin 25)
  • RC2014 Pin 38 (Spare 2) — nWAIT (Z80 pin 24)
  • RC2014 Pin 39 (Spare 3) — nNMI (Z80 pin 17)

G8PP Baseline configuration

Introduction to G8PP

G8PP baseline configuration

Altera EPM7128SQC100 design for Z80


Memory Map

Serial Bootstrap, move jumper to 'Serial Bootstrap' position, load G8PZ80LD.BIN as binary file (check the 'Binary' box in TeraTerm), G8PZ80LD will sign on with:

Z80SBC Loader v0.4
G xxxx to run

Z80 Monitor, load 'G8PZMon.HEX' as hex file (do not check the 'Binary' box in TeraTerm), type 'G b400' after load is completed. G8PZMon will respond with

Z80SBC Monitor v0.52 10/31/18


XMODEM.HEX, This is the XMODEM transfer program. Load XMODEM.HEX then type 'b2' to boot up CP/M 2.2 (CP/M 2.2 was loaded and saved prior to this). Then type: 'save 17 xmodem.com' to create the first program in CF drive

depkg.com, this is Grant Seale's file depackaging program. Transfer it with XMODEM, then transfer the CP/M 2.2 distribution package below and use depkg.com to unpack the CP/M 2.2 distribution files.

CP/M 2.2 distribution files, use depkg.com to unpack the CP/M 2.2 distribution files.

CP/M 3

CP/M 3 distribution files

Manuals and Instructions

Getting started with G8PPBase+Z80 ←configure altera epm7128, load bootstrap, load z80 monitor, load cp/m

Z80 Monitor manual

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