Proto65 Rev0.1, a 6502 SBC based on Protor5


This is the link to Proto65 Rev0, an earlier version without the disk-on-module.

This is the link to Proto65 Rev0.2, a later version with I2C bus added

Protor5 has a prototype area big enough for a processor, RAM and IDE44 interface. In this evolving project a 6502 CPU along with 128Kx8 RAM and an IDE interface are prototyped on a protor5 board.




  • Based on protor5
    • EPM7192SQC160 CPLD
    • Reset supervisor
    • CPLD programming header
    • Reset supervisor
    • 2.1mm X 5.5mm power jack
    • Oscillator socket for full and 1/2 size can
    • Serial port interface
    • Prototype area
  • 6502 CPU testbed
  • 128K 25-ns RAM based on CY7C109-25
  • IDE44 interface for CF disk
  • 40-pin expansion connector

Design Information


Bootstrap ROM inside the CPLD

TinyLoad, a 256-byte Intel Hex loader.

CFboot, an utility program to write bootstrap program into the Master Boot Record of a CF or DOM disk. It also copy RAM image from 0xC000-0xEDFF into track 0, sector 0xE0-0xF7 of a disk

EhBASIC, Lee Davison's EhBASIC ported to Proto65

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