Prototype Board (Rev3) for RC2014

ProtoRC3 (Prototype for RC2014, Rev3) is a 100mm x 76mm perf board with an Altera EPM7064S CPLD prewired to a RC2014 bus. The 5V programmable logic is flexible and has sufficient logic to handle a varieties of designs. ProtoRC3 is designed for through-hole components.


Design Data

Schematic of ProtoRC3

Gerber photoplots

Altera EPM7064S CPLD design template

ProtoRC3 Designs

CRC65 Prototype

The first CRC65 was prototyped using ProtoRC3. It is a frugal single board computer based on 65C02. This is the homepage for CRC65. Discussion about CRC65 can be found here:


65SPI Prototype

Daryl Rictor's 65SPI is prototyped with ProtoRC3. Discussion about 65SPI can be found here: Topics related to prototyping of 65SPI on ProtoRC3 started Jan 18, 2021


VGA6448 Prototype

VGA6448 is a monochrome, 64-column X 48-line VGA video card for CRC65. Discussion about it can be found here:


FRR512K Prototype

Frugal 512K RAM/ROM is a low-cost version of RC2014 512K RAM/ROM module with added I2C and compact flash functions.


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