96-pin DIN 41612 connector

Pin Function Comments
C1Power In28V in, cathode of CRB12-2
C282C55PC082C55 PC0 via 1K resistor
C3Invert of Green LEDLow when green LED lit, High when green LED is off
C482C55PC182C55 PC1 via resistor
C568302TCLK+RS48568302 TCLK1+
C668692OP3-RS232driven by OP3 of 68692
C768692TxDB-RS232driven by 68692-13 TxDB
C868692OP1-RS232driven by OP1 of 68692
C968692-IP3-RS232goes to 68692-3 (IP3)
C10GNDDigital Ground
C11686892RxDB-RS232driven by 68692-11 RxDB
C12 To 68692-5 (IP1)
C1368302nIACK1To 68302-110(nIACK1) with 10K pullup
C1482C55PA682C55 PA6
C15GNDDigital Ground
C1668302nIACK7To 68302-108(nIACK7) with 10K pullup
C1768302nIACK6To 68302-109(nIACK6) with 10K pullup
C18GNDDigital Ground
C1982C55PC5driven by PC5 of 82C55-14
C20GNDDigital Ground
C21TPA7To TPA7 test point and Vpp (pin 1) of UB2 & UB3
C2282C55PC6driven by PC6 of 82c55-13
C23TP11-1driven by nPBRST of UI2-14
C2482C55PC7driven by PC7 of 82c55-11
C25GNDDigital Ground
C2682C55PA482C55 PA4
C27discrete In, D910K resistor isolation and pull up
C28discrete In, D1110K resistor isolation and pull up
C29discrete In, D1310K resistor isolation and pull up
C30discrete In, D1510K resistor isolation and pull up
C3182C55PA782C55 PA7
C32Power In28V in, annode of CRB12-3
B1GNDDigital Ground
B268302RxD1+RS48568302 RxD1+
B368302RxD1-RS48568302 RxD1-
B482C55PC4driven by PC4 via resistor network
B568302TCLK-RS48568302 TCLK-
B668302RxD2-RS485to 68302 RxD2-
B768302RxD2+RS485to 68302RxD2+
B868302TxD2+RS485driven by 68302-54 TxD2+
B968302TxD2-RS485driven by 68302-54 TxD2-
B10GNDDigital Ground
B1182C55PA082C55 PA0
B1282C55PA182C55 PA1
B1382C55PA282C55 PA2
B1482C55PA382C55 PA3
B15GNDDigital Ground
B1682C55PA582C55 PA5
B1782C55PB682C55 PB6
B1882C55PB782C55 PB7
B1982C55PB482C55 PB4
B20GNDDigital Ground
B2182C55PB582C55 PB5
B2282C55PB282C55 PB2
B2382C55PB382C55 PB3
B2482C55PB182C55 PB1
B25GNDDigital Ground
B2668692IP5-RS232to IP5 of 68692
B27discrete In, D810K resistor isolation and pull up
B28discrete In, D1010K resistor isolation and pull up
B29discrete In, D1210K resistor isolation and pull up
B30discrete In, D1410K resistor isolation and pull up
B31discrete InComplex ckt
B32NCuse this pin to bring in +5V
A1Power In28V in, annode of CRB12
A268302TxD1+RS485driven by 68302 TxD1+ &loopback
A368302TxD1-RS485driven by 68302 TxD1- &loopback
A482C55PC3to 82C55-19(PC3) via 1K resistor
A5GNDDigital Ground
A668692RxDB+RS48568692 RxDB+
A768692RxDB-RS48568692 RxDB-
A868692TxDB+RS48568692 TxDB+
A968692TxDB-RS48568692 TxDB-
A10GNDDigital Ground
A11discrete InComplex ckt
A12discrete InComplex ckt
A13discrete InComplex ckt
A14discrete InComplex ckt
A15GNDDigital Ground
A16discrete InComplex ckt
A17discrete InComplex ckt
A18discrete InComplex ckt
A19discrete InComplex ckt
A20GNDDigital Ground
A2168302PA12-RS232driven by 68302-68(PA12)
A2268302TxD3-RS232driven by TxD3 of 68302 part of complex network
A2368302nRTS3-RS232driven by nRTS3 of 68302
A2468302CD3-RS232go to 68302-77(CD3)
A25GNDDigital Ground
A26discrete InComplex ckt
A2768302nCTS3-RS232to 68302 nCTS3
A2982C55PB0PB0 of 82C55
A3082C55PC2to 82C55-18(PC2) via 1K resistor
A3168302TCLK3-RS232driven by TCLK3 of 68302 part of complex network
A32Power In28V in, annode of CRB12-1

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