SPX-MPU schematics

SPX-MPU is a 6-layer pc board with power/ground layers in the middle. On some pc boards it is easy to see the inner layers clearly. This is how schematics are derived:

  • Remove all components.
  • Take high resolution photos of the bare board, component side and solder side.
  • Overlay the component layer with the solder layer in Photoshop
  • Manually trace the signals, switching layer in Photoshop as the trace switches side. Use continuity meter to verify connections where needed.

There are two sheets of C size schematics and one size B schematic. Please note these are schematics of the original pc board. They do not reflect subsequent engineering changes.

CPU/memory schematic (updated 11/25/17),

I/O schematic (updated 11/25/17).

Reset logic schematic (updated 11/25/17).

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