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   * ZZMon [[:​builderpages:​plasmo:​z280rc:​zzmon_man_099|operating manual ]]   * ZZMon [[:​builderpages:​plasmo:​z280rc:​zzmon_man_099|operating manual ]]
   * Z280RC [[:​builderpages:​plasmo:​tinyz280:​software_build|software build procedures ]]<​-(need update)   * Z280RC [[:​builderpages:​plasmo:​tinyz280:​software_build|software build procedures ]]<​-(need update)
-  * Creating a [[:​builderpages:​plasmo:​tinyz280:final_step:​newcfdisk|new CF disk]] <-(need update) for Z280RC+  * Creating a [[:​builderpages:​plasmo:​z280rc:new_cfdisk|new CF disk]] ​for Z280RC //<-updating...//​
 Reference Reference
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