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 CPM3 {{:​builderpages:​plasmo:​z80all:​z80all_rev1:​z80all_cpm3_cbios_ldrbios_source.zip|banked BIOS}} ​ source code, assembled with zmac CPM3 {{:​builderpages:​plasmo:​z80all:​z80all_rev1:​z80all_cpm3_cbios_ldrbios_source.zip|banked BIOS}} ​ source code, assembled with zmac
 +{{:​builderpages:​plasmo:​z80all:​z80all_rev1:​z80all_64mb_cpm2_cpm3_scmon_htc_zork.zip|CF image file}} ​ contains CP/M2.2, CP/M3, HiTech C, Zork, SCMonitor. ​ Unzip to z80all_64MB_cpm2_cpm3_scmon_htc_zork.img and use Win32DiskImager to copy the image file to a 64MB or larger CF disk.
 ===== Demo ===== ===== Demo =====
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