Zuno, CP/M-ready Z80 SBC for Arduino Mega Enclosure


Zuno is based on Z80SBC64, but redesigned so to fit in an acrylic Arduino Mega enclosure.



  • Z80 overclocked to 22MHz
  • ROMless
  • Battery-backed 128K RAM
  • Altera EPM7064S in PLCC44 package
  • 4 banks, each bank is 32KB
  • Simple serial port with serial bootstrap capability
  • Serial port operates at 115200 N81, no handshakes
  • I2C bus
  • Real-time-clock with PCF8563
  • Disk-on-module mass storage
  • CP/M 2.2 and CP/M 3
  • RC2014 I/O bus interface



Refer to the Z80SBC64 function section for a description of the Zuno functionalities

Design Information


Zuno software is compatible with Z80SBC64.

Engineering Change for Rev 0.3 board

Modify I2C bus connector pin assignment, this is only applicable to rev 0.3 pc board


Getting Started with Zuno

Zuno monitor manual is same as Z64Mon, the monitor for Z80SBC64 and Z80MB64

Loading software into a new DOM

Zuno Projects

Zuno has two expansion ports, I2C and RC2014. External hardware can connect to these ports for additional capabilities.

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