Here is all you need to build this project. This is the latest version, containing 6 CP/M variants as well as Grant's NASCOM “ROM” Basic. Also included are 10 extra volumes with popular applications. See the .txt file for an index. system18.txt


This package is an extension on the FPGA multicomputer, as introduced by Grant Searle, which can be found here: <>. It focuses on the Z80 CP/M computer described therein.

The system's main specifications are:

  • New ROM monitor with multi-boot capability, Format, Getsys and Putsys tools and debug capabilities. No BASIC in ROM.
  • SD-HC capable card controller. Init at 250 kHz, running at 25 MHz.
  • Improved keyboard definition featuring external keymap and added key functionality.
  • Multi volume disk system, which currently supports upto 253 8MB disk volumes (which uses 2GB+ on the SD-card). All these volumes can be loaded with a separate OS bootimage.
  • OSes configured with 3 drives: A:, B: and C:. A: for the system drive (holding the volume booted from) while B: and C: can be assigned and re-assigned one of the remaining volumes. Also a RAM disk is available for CP/M 2 and CP/M 3 systems.
  • Y2k compatible system clock (date and time) for all OSes.
  • Included are CP/M 2.2, Dos+ 2.5, CP/M 3.0, MPMII 2.1, ZSDOS 1.1/ZCPR2, ZPM3/ZCCP and NASCOM ROM Basic

It runs on the EP2C5T144C8N Cyclone II FPGA and the configuration assumes it to be wired up as indicated on Grant's page. You should have wired up 2 serial terminals, an SD-card and at least 512k Memory.
James Moxhams Cyclone2 boards will work without modifications.
2 extra serial terminals can be wired to the touch screen connector, using RS-232 or USB converters.
You can also use a monochrome (RCA) terminal and 2 serial interfaces. In this case all unused signals need to be commented out. Examples of these configurations are included.

This package contains VHDL updates for

  • ROM monitor; (new concept)
  • SD-card controller; (with added SD-HC capability)
  • Serial terminals with programmable baudrates (simplified version introduced by Max Scane)
  • MMU; (simplified version from the one introduced by James Moxham)
  • Microcomputer .vdh file. (ROM-switch, timer interrupt, SD-clock)
  • SCBTextDisplayRGB.vhd, to include an external keymap and key updates.
  • These are available as source files, with additionally, the .pof file for the default configuration.

The package includes all binaries, source files, manuals and instructions for building and running the various operating systems, including tools for the additional features (disk mounting system reset etc.) Pre-configured images are included for system disks and Cyclone programming.
The OS specific transient commands are included as binary only. An Open Document Spreadsheet is provided to build custom keymaps.

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