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Hello, world! Here's what I'm working on right now.

Project Current Status as of 12/17/2015 Comments
ECB SBC V2 Running Still sorting out battery backup. Need to sort out hardware flow control on serial port.
ECB Backplane-8 Partially Assembled Five connectors installed. Five caps installed. Still sorting out the screws. Have bigger power supply; will probably need a wiring harness.
ECB Disk I/O V3 Assembled Everything put together, all chips installed, jumpered to defaults per wiki docs. Ready to connect to a disk and test. Will need to burn a new ROM if I'm not mistaken. Have floppy drive, data cable, power cable, 40-pin ide cable, compact flash adapter, compact flash card, and spare eproms for the SBC V2, so I think I'm ready to test when I can find the time.
ECB Bus Monitor Assembled Finished except for switch T1, which I had some trouble finding. I have what I think is a viable option, now, I just need to make sure the momentary side is on the correct side. I'm not completely sure what the switch is supposed to do, but I don't want to solder it in only to find out that, for instance, I've accidentally set things up where I have to hold the switch to run, and let go to pause… because that sort of thing would be somewhat inconvenient… I can see that it has something to do with wait logic but I need to do more research before I solder that last switch in place!
ECB Prop I/O V2 Assembled Fully assembled and ready for testing as of 12/17/2015.
ECB Color VDU Partially Assembled Most sockets/components/connectors tacked in place. Waiting on small number of replacements for parts that had minor issues
ECB Prototyping Board with I/O decode Hoping! New run of boards anticipated! See
Sarah's Ad-Hoc ECB Breadboard Collecting Parts Collecting several different bare ECB proto boards to compare and contrast. One will probably get some solderless breadboard modules stuck onto it, and a bit of glue logic. Update 12/16/2015: now have five different 160×100 prototype boards to compare and contrast. Will try to post a review at some point.
Enclosure for my ECB Machine Planned
Sarah's Signetics 2650 / Pipbug-2K Project Designnig Prototype V2
Not currently an official project. First prototype working, finally. Working on a rom so I can breadboard and try out some ideas for version 2.

Update 12/16/2015: have decided to do a breadboard version of V2 before designing a new board; I can't decide how I want the decode logic to work so I want to try several different things. My PIPBUG replacement rom now has commands for reading and writing to I/O ports, but at some point, I should probably add code to modify memory, too. Hex or srec format uploads would make writing new code for the thing a lot easier, too. Only need a few hours more work, and a design with more than 2K of ram would be helpful too.

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