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Stewart Russell's Projects


A Scottish nerd in Toronto. Mostly writes here: We Saw a Chicken …

Used to write for computer magazines, but I got better. Former Computer Conservation Society member, current TPUG member. Also the unwitting archivist of the LOGIC (Loyal Ontario Group Interested in Computers) Apple II software library.


So far I've built:

  • a Zeta SBC V2 (2015) — a very stock build with 8 MHz Z80. Only issue I had was the RTC battery holder, some of which are too large for the board. Offsite build log (kinda): zeta
  • a 6502 40th Anniversary Computer Badge (2017) — a very non-stock build with everything socketed and jumpered so you can change RAM/ROM configuration. Build log: 6502


Considered rude on this board. Please do not ask it again.

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