ECB Construction

Updated - 11 July 2020.

ECB Backplane-8Complete and working. Only 2 sockets installed at this time.
ECB SBCV2 Complete and working. 10Mhz Z80, 4M Flash and 512KB RAM.
See for a build video.
ECB Disk IO V3 IDE Tested OK, FDD still having issues.
ECB VDUBuilt, but yet to be tested. Video coming.
ECB SBC-188Getting components to start build.


ECB Developments

Updated - 4 Oct 2018.

ECB 2650

  • CPU - Signetics 2650 running at 1MHz.
  • ROM - Up to 8K of FLASH. I have tested a 1K ROM with the original PIPBUG V1 and a 2K ROM with PIPBUG V2 PIPLA.
  • RAM - At the moment 32K (minus ROM size), with paging a possibility later.
  • I/O - Hopefully interfacing with existing ECB interface cards.

Current State.


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