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My main interest in the 6502/65816 and the M68k processors. My first computer was by the little-known (outside of the UK) UK company, Tangerine Computer Systems, called the Microtan 65. As well as collecting components to get the old system going I'm also taking part in the Microtan-R project. The Microtan gives people a bit of a giggle; the basic system was a 6502 running 750kHz with 1k RAM.


65c816_ecb_sbcAssembledRunning at 2MHz; 4MHz won't even start. I'll add a tantalum capacitor across the power supply rails as per comments elsewhere. The EEPROM is 45nS so that should be okay but I'll try a faster EEPROM too.
VGA3AssembledRunning although need to investigate 'snow' when scrolling. Changed driver to using 'port' but now unusably slow to scroll so…
diskio-v3AssembledFirmware needs completing
backplane-3AssembledI didn't read the instructions clearly enough and the middle slot is fouled by electrolytics that are are, dimensionally, too big. Replace with smaller
backplane-8Partialy assembled5 of the 8 slots populated
6x0xReady to be assembled
6x0x IOReady to be assembled
6x0x BackplaneReady to be assembled
tiny68kPurchased completeI purchased this board complete so I can take no credit at all for it.

The Future

I have the components for the mini-68k and the associated MF/PIC boards but no PCBs yet. A present to myself in the New Year?

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