Project page for speed3ple:

Mostly Z80 ECB stuff here…

System/Board StatusComments
ECB-backplane-4 2 x working Nice little test bench
ECB-backplane-8 1 x working This is the backplane I use the most. Plan to build another.
ECB-SBC-v2-3A 3 x working Solid board, no trouble at 4, 8 and 10Mhz. 1 built with vintage 7400 TTL at 8Mhz.
ECB-SBC-v2-4z 2 x working Works fine at 10Mhz w/TTL+CMOS Z80. Got sound, speed switch works, recovery mode switch not tested yet. DS1210 bypassed.
ECB-Z180 mk4 2 x working Solid board, no trouble. Works good at (1:1)18.432Mhz with pure LS logic. Got 3 fake Z180 cpu first…
ECB-KISS-68030 1 x under construction Project startup…
ECB-MF-PIC 2 x under construction Project startup…
ECB-DiskIO v3 4 x working Angled IDE connector for easy topside CF card access
ECB-DualSD 1 x working Works fine with SBC v4z (12Mhz). PCB made from the new Gerber files (Thanks!).
The SD card sockets I have (ebay) needed bending of WP pin.
ECB-RamFloppy 2 x working R11 version. Built with 8 x xAS6C4008. I used a TLC7705D SMD version. Good read/write speeds!
ECB-Cassette IF 2 x working Built both version, 300+600 baud. Value of timing capacitor C2 is critical.
ECB-VDU 1 x under construction waiting for parts…
ECB-VGA3 1 x under construction waiting for parts…
ECB-PropIO v2 3 x working Runs firmware from RomWBW v2.9.1(v0.95).
ECB Peripheral 1 x under testing pcb v2, with 1xDART, 2xPIO and CTC
ECB-4PIO 1 x under testing With only 2 PIOs, corrected pcb with wires
DSKY 1 x under construction waiting for parts…
ECB-Bus Monitor 1 x under test Blinkenlights blinks, but I don't fully understand how to use this…
ECB-USB-FiFo 1 x under test
ECB-Prototype-III 2 x under construction
Non-ECB systems:
Zeta 2 2 x working Stable at 16Mhz(LS) and 20Mhz (AHCT). 1 built into a metal case together with ParPortProp as a unit
Easy-Z80 1 x working Small and easy to build. I got the v1.1 pcb. Nice!
Z80-GrantS 1 x working Small pcb based on Grant Searle Z80. Runs basic.
ISA bus boards:
ISA Micro8088 1 x working
ISA backplane 1 x working
ISA XT-IDE 2 x under testing
ISA Super-VGA 1 x working
ISA-XT-CF-Lite 2 x working
ISA-FDU-Serial 1 x working
ISA-RTC 1 x under construction

2048 game in RomWBW:

(Seems to only work with serial cable)
“Hidden” Easteregg in RomWBW (Mandelbrot ascii art) www.retrobrewcomputers.org_lib_plugins_ckgedit_fckeditor_userfiles_image_builderpages_speed3ple_images_img_20200324_174724small.jpg

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