I did a lot of hardware debugging before recognizing that all of my available 72-pin SIMMs were not compatible to the KISS68030 board, so I decided to collect information about which ICs work and which do not.

Samsung KM44C16104AK-6Reported working 33Mhz CPU / 64 MHz RAM
Samsung KM44C16104CK-6One of the modules was stable at 50 MHz RAM clock, but not at 64 MHz. Not working at all with two modules.
Samsung KM416C4104CNot working at all

Micron MT4C16M4H9DJ-5
Stable at 32 MHz CPU / 64 MHz RAM clock

Micron MT4LC16M4H9DJ-5
mixed reports, 3.3V version of MT4C16, so make sure your module has voltage regulator
Micron 4C4M4E8reported working
Fujitsu 8117400A-6reported working
Motorola MCM417400Stable at 32 MHz CPU / 64 MHz RAM clock
NEC D4265405G5-A50-7JDnot working

If you have a KISS68030 with another brand of memory not listed, I would like to hear from you (same if you know about other memories that are not working).

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