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Neutron PC32

The Neutron PC32 (Portable Computer 32K) is a work-in-process 65C02 homebrew computer that runs off a 9V battery.


For more information, see the dedicated Hardware page. This is just a summary.

  • Western Design Center W65C02S6TPG-14 PDIP-40 Microprocessor @ ?.? MHz
  • Alliance Memory AS6C62256A-70PCN PDIP-28 32K Static RAM (0000h to 7FFFh)
  • Microchip / Atmel AT27C512R-70PU PDIP-32 64K EPROM (C000h to DFFFh, 8 Banks)
  • Microchip / Atmel AT28C64B-15PU PDIP-28 8K EEPROM (E000h to FFFFh)
  • 2 Western Design Center W65C22S6TPG-14 PDIP-40 Versatile Interface Adapters
  • Western Design Center W65C51N6tPG-14 PDIP-28 Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter
  • Microchip / Atmel ATMEGA4809-PF PDIP-40 Microcontroller (Used to control the keyboard matrix)
  • Newhaven Display NHD-240128WG-ATFH-VZ# 170mm by 93.4mm Graphical LCD Module
  • <Speaker and Speaker Access Method Goes Here>
  • Keystone Electronics 245 9V Battery Holder
  • Ultralife U9VLJPFP 9V Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery (1200 mAh Capacity)
  • Assorted passive components and logic chips
  • Assorted switches for the keyboard and other stuff


The PC32 will have two ROM chips in it, an 8K chip which will contain the system software, which is to be named, and a ?K chip which will contain programs like BASIC.

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