Implementing BBC BASIC on Rienk Koolstar's sbc-2g-512

Richard Russell maintains a website providing a number of different versions of BASIC which have compatibility with the original BBC Micro 6502 BASIC and Jonathon Harston has documented over 30 platforms which have implemented BBC BASIC on them.

It was Ben Ryve's homebew Z80 Computer implementation that drew my attention to the existence of a Z80 version of BBC BASIC.

A limiting factor around the BBC BASIC ROM is that no source code has been published. However, tools and documentation exists to relocate and expand this system.

Other versions of Z80 BASIC around the web:

Grant Searle's implementation of NASCOM BASIC 4.7


Another version of BASIC that I found particularly interesting is Dr Andy Wright's ZX Spectrum BASIC ROM which has published source code and designed to work in a system with paged ROM addressing system. Source code can be found here. Other source code for Sinclair and Spectrum ROMs can be found here.


Doug Gabbard at has updated and implemented Li-Chen Wangs' Tiny Basic and the source code is available here.



Two versions of Z80 BBC BASIC are available as porting contenders

Z80 BBC BASICCan set ROM and RAM start address using relocation tool.Hard coded reserved RAM area at FF80-FFFF for legacy BBC interface
CP/M Z80 BASICSet up to use CP/M calls for which code is already available.Fixed, non-relocatable start address. Designed to be run in RAM.

J.G Harston contains the following files

BBC0100 - Object code

PortZ80 - Documentation

Relocate - BASIC program to relocate the BBC0100 Object code

NOTE: The Relocate program in this archive needs to be run under the windows trial version of BBC BASIC. Or use this ASCII text version:

Memory map:

HeaderProg CodeScratchWorkspaceLowest PAGEhighest HIMEMOSCLIBRKV
BBC BASIC&0100&0200-&34EE&3500-&37FF&3800?&FFF7&FFFA

&0100-&01FF needs to contain the initialization for the board and a jump table for the minimum set of functions required for BBC BASIC to communicate.

The Bbcdist.mac file provides the example code for this area.

BBC BASIC Disassembly

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