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 ===== Porting ===== ===== Porting =====
 +Two versions of Z80 BBC BASIC are available as porting contenders
 +^ ^Advantages^Disadvantages|
 +^Z80 BBC BASIC|Can set ROM and RAM start address using relocation tool.|Hard coded reserved RAM area at FF80-FFFF for legacy BBC interface|
 +^CP/M Z80 BASIC|Set up to use CP/M calls for which code is already available.|Fixed,​ non-relocatable start address. Designed to be run in RAM.|
 +  * Z80 BBC BASIC
 +      * A porting tool is available to relocate
 +  * CP/M Z80 BASIC
 J.G Harston port.zip contains the following files J.G Harston port.zip contains the following files
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