NS32000 cross-development

Here is a copy of Linux x86_64 based GCC-3.4.6 cross development compiler for the NS32016/032/532 processors: ns32k-gcc-3.4.6.tar.bz2 24Mb. To install you will need root privileges:

   # cd /
   # tar xvfj ~/ns32k-gcc-3.4.6.tar.bz2
   Assuming the tarball is in the /root directory, the install will be to /usr/cross/ns32k/…

GCC 3.4.6 was, as far as I can tell, the last version to support the National Semiconductor CPUs. However, the accompanying “binutils” are from the current source, binutils-2.29, posted 7/2017. The binary utilities include the assembler(-as), loader(-ld), librarian(-ar, -ranlib), and others. The library to support compiler generated calls for 'long long' operations such as multiplication & division are part of GCC. The standard “libc” is not part of GCC; hence it is not included. A few machine specific 'include' files are a part of GCC.

N.B. GCC does not use the NS32000 module call mechanism. The files produced by this compiler are old “a.out” format. Calls to subroutines are by 'bsr' or 'jsr' depending upon whether they are local or external.

–John C. 7/30/2017

Introduction to GNU Toolchain for Series 32000 - HOWTO make own ns32k crosstools

–Alec V. 8/24/2018

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