ROM-MJS for Multicomp

There are two versions of ROM-MJS for the Multicomp (Z80).

The first version (version 1) Utilises Grant's existing monitor to boot. The intention was to replace his CP/M implementation with the Extended Monitor to provide more utilities as well as PC partition support.

The monitor and Hardware Access Code were packaged along with a loader code and copied to the location on the disk where Grant's monitor expected to find CP/M.. The loader then moved the various code sections into RAM and passed control to the monitor. A partition table was also created to allow PC style partitions to be utilised.

As the monitor grew and additional features were added the memory model Grant used was no longer suitable and a new boot system was created.




FilenameFilesizeLast modified
cpm3-install_guide.pdf56.4 KiB2015/12/16 16:13
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Currently, CP/M 3 and MP/M II require specific BIOS and XIOS modules for the Multicomp.

The available disk images for the Multicomp are in the following table:

FilenameFilesizeLast modified
cpm3-img.bin358.0 KiB2016/01/05 00:54
fpgaboot.bin15.5 KiB2016/01/04 01:44
mpm2-img.bin533.7 KiB2016/01/04 06:22
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