For a reference implementation of this template with the links, etc included - see ECB Bus Monitor

Board Name

<Place photos or renders of the board here>


<Populate this area with a brief description of the board>

Hardware Documentation

Board: Make this a link to a .pdf showing the board layout

Schematic: Make this a link to a .pdf showing the schematic

Manufacturing Files: Make this a link to a .zip with Gerber files

KiCAD Files: Make this a link to a .zip with KiCAD or other EDA files.

Build Information

<Include thinks like parts lists, BOMs, test software, notes from the board designer, etc in this section.>

Builder's Notes/Comments

Please use this space to add any notes/comments on this board that don't fit into the above sections. (Periodically, these comments may be re-arranged to be better incorporated into a new revision of the wiki page.) Please sign your comments using the wiki “Insert Signature” feature! — Andrew Bingham 2016/02/27 13:01

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File List

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