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File: Wed May 4 01:17:56 2011 (348115 bytes)
Douglas W. Goodall at 7:36 am on May 4, 2011:

The cpm22-d2.asm file includes a PPIBIOS.EXP file but I cannot find it in the ZIP.

Is it automatically created during the build in some way?

This looks to be a fine bit of work (by someone with my initials)

David Giles at 11:05 pm on May 6, 2011:

PPIBIOS.EXP is generated by TASM with the .EXPORT directives. That's why the BIOS is assembled before CCP and BDOS in BUILD.BAT. I didn't have the urge to translate all of CP/M from 8080 to Z80 - maybe in the future. Thanks.

David Giles

Douglas W. Goodall at 7:48 am on May 4, 2011:

Very nice code in driver (READ_HDPART) to dynamically create the LBA sector offsest based on drive code. It does save some bytes
over having a lookup table with these values, but assumes all drives are max (8MB) except for last one.

David Giles at 11:11 pm on May 6, 2011:

I set all my drives to 8MB - plenty of room on my CF card. I have used the last drive (H: - 8MB) without any problems. I filled all the room left in the current data area. I'd have to use up some more TPA to use the full 16 disks but settled on 8 drives in total to make coding easier.
I'll have another look at it to see if I got it right. More improvements on the way.

David Giles

File: Thu May 12 07:05:04 2011 DG_PPIDE_110512.ZIP (358942 bytes)
File: Wed Sep 14 00:58:50 2011 DG_PPIDE_110914.ZIP (547689 bytes)
File: Sun Sep 18 07:00:37 2011 DG_PPIDE_110918.ZIP (556195 bytes)
File: Sun Oct 2 07:48:41 2011 DG_Z80SBC_111002.ZIP (698204 bytes)
File: Thu Apr 14 00:42:02 2011 PPIDE_ROM_FOR_SBC_V1.BIN (1048576 bytes)
File: Thu Apr 14 00:48:18 2011 ppide-Install.txt (4510 bytes)
File: Thu Apr 14 00:48:40 2011 ppide-board.pdf (155037 bytes)
File: Thu Apr 14 00:48:30 2011 ppide-build-environment.txt (998 bytes)
File: Thu Apr 14 00:48:46 2011 ppide-schematic.pdf (36855 bytes)
Peter Naus at 10:42 am on Mar 29, 2011:

Hey, Andrew! This is a much clearer schematic, clearing up the overprinting makes a bigger difference than I thought!

File: Wed Jun 13 13:48:20 2012 ppide.lst (1243 bytes)
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