BIOS update Notice (42, 43, 44)

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BIOS update to 044:                  aka  "rev. 2.3-44  of  07-Nov-2014"


This BIOS revision includes:

     a.  Color VDU font update to revise (i grave) and (n tilde)

     b.  Dual SD card driver support.

     c.  Revamp of the fixed disk BIOSs to allow selection of BIOS support for up to 4 disks among:

               1. SBC-188 cpu board PPIDE support on the parallel interface

               2. Dual IDE board.  2 x high speed IDE interfaces, each w/ master/slave disks.

               3. Dual SD card interface board.

     d.  Revised disk boot signature check for future MINIX boot.


The same named files as BIOS042 are uploaded to folder BIOS044, and the directions for selecting

the correct one for your configuration remain the same.  See below.


Use of this BIOS update is recommended.




BIOS update to 043:


The BIOS update of 25-Apr-2013 adds:

     a.  Sizing of the Color VDU memory so that 64K or 16K may be installed.

     b.  BIOS driver for the Dual IDE board.  Up to 4 IDE drives may be installed with this board.  PPIDE drives may still be attached through the Parallel Interface on the CPU board using the PPIDE daughter-board.


Files are in directory BIOS043.  Use of this BIOS update is optional.



BIOS update to 042:


The BIOS update on 14-Apr-2013 revises the floppy disk driver to take advantage of the 18-Mar-2013 hardware update, part A.  The driver is 90% rewritten to be table driven, and now allows 4 types of floppy disk drives:  360K, 1.2M, 720K, and 1.44M.  The "Format" BIOS call is now implemented, so you may use the DOS uitility to format diskettes in the drive in which they will be used.


Like the last update, binary ROM images are distributed for likely hardware configurations:

     ANSI.ZIP -- binary ROM images for 64K, 128K, and 256K ROMs.  Configured for an ANSI serial terminal.  Includes the new 4MEM driver.

     CVDU.ZIP -- ditto, but configured for the Color VDU display and keyboard, with an ANSI terminal.

     EMM4MEM.ZIP -- separate binary of version 2.0 of the EMM4MEM.SYS driver.  The driver is also contained in the BIOS zip files.


For completeness:

     WYSE.ZIP -- ditto, but configured for a Wyse serial terminal.

     WCVDU.ZIP -- ditto, configured for a Wyse terminal with the Color VDU display and keyboard.


When using the Color VDU, display on the serial terminal is suppressed in color video mode 3.  However, both keyboards function in parallel.  In video mode 7, the serial terminal is enabled for output in parallel with the Color VDU display.  Only video modes 3 and 7 are supported.  Mode 3 is similar to VGA, but the Color VDU supports different attribute sets; this includes color characters, but not a separate color background.  ANSI.SYS functions as expected, as long as a version which uses the BIOS is installed.


This BIOS should be used with the Mar-2013 updated 1.0-005 board.


All configuration files (.CFG), source code, and Makefile are contained in BIOS042.ZIP






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