ECB Bus Monitor Historical Note

The information on this page applies only to very early prototype Bus Monitor boards and NOT to any new-build boards! It is included here for historical completeness.


Hi All,

I just discovered I made an error in the ECB bus monitor PCB layout. U13, U11, and U5 are missing connections to VCC and GND pins and you will have to add jumper wires manually. I apologize for the error and want you to know about it and the remedy as quickly as possible.

If you are assembling your ECB bus monitor, please add the appropriate jumper wires from the bypass capacitor in front of the effected ICs. With the PCB on its side and DIN 41612 to the right, the top pin of the bypass capacitor is VCC and connects to Pin 14 of the IC. The bottom pin of the bypass capacitor is GND and connects to pin 7 of the IC.

The problem came about as the KiCAD part library did not fully/properly support the 74LS00, 74LS05, and 74LS07 ICs. I made a substitution from another library which had slightly different layout rules and apparently missed that the ICs VCC and GND pins were not connected.

The required modifications should not affect functionality and if done on the copper side of the PCB with short jumpers should only minimally detract from the appearance of the final board. I will update the design information as appropriate.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks and have a nice day! AJL

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